Group show!


Exciting news! I got into a group show! Not with a painting, but with some photography. I found this gallery in Brooklyn, when I purchased my Pebeo Porcelaine paints for the wedding present. I was chatting with the guy at Lee's Art Store and he told me to check it out. I emailed the curator of the gallery and he decided to use some photos in their upcoming show, Seduction.

In addition to these, I'll be adding more pieces. I plan on shooting more "I love you's" over the weekend, but with a "seductive" twist. I hope to have these photos soon! In the meantime, I need to stay on top of all of my upcoming projects/goals so I'm making a list here to remember them!

1. "Seductive" prints (over weekend)

2. Diary Project (need to finish this)

3. Bras for a Cause (with Calee)- start creating this and send something to Calee so she can work on it!

4. Paintings- I have a new series I'm going to start as soon as we move into our new apartment, but I'd like to make at least one more painting before I start this new series.

5. Sell things on etsy

6. Painting project- site, forms, supplies, etc

7. Practice my instruments- totally separate from my art, but another form of art that I need to keep up!

I'll be headed to Sag Harbor this weekend for our last choir concert of the season. It should be pretty fun and this Brahms's piece has been challenging and beautiful to sing. Hopefully the audience will like it as much as we do! Sunday I plan on going to the park with Kristen and Anthony to try to make some extra cash. They'll be doing their Reiki services and I'm going to do some face painting! If you're in NYC and need some work done, you should check them out. They are very talented and are trying to get their work out there. I've been a personal recipient of their Reiki and love it.