My art has taken a turn. This realization has been pretty exciting.Last year was pretty turbulent and was reflective in my paintings. It's really interesting to look at the progression from then to now. My good friend, Kristen, also helped me see this transition!Colors were a bit blurry and everything was a bit muddy.There was a lot of chaos and little detail.I just needed a way to get through the muck...It really was about release..But lately something has really changed.Maybe it's a reflection of my life..I'm happy and sharing love as much as I can.It's all about the details and looking a little closer..And remembering why I love art in the first place..I like creating landscapes of color and daydreams.Little worlds to escape into.Like this one I did for a friend last year..and this for my friend's baby, Georgia Faith.My art is best when I'm feeling the love!