Easter Sunday

For Easter, I bought a kite and some bubbles and went to the park!I saw lots of pretty flowers...4497159942_33692e1903_bThey were very bright!4496523713_0cc8778d49_b4496524071_04d113f684_bThe trees looked like they were made of popcorn!treeMy kite flying attempts were not as successful as they were in Brooklyn!kite2I spent most of the time being the kite runner!kite1And a mess of tangled string!kite3I did some writing and then took a nap in the sunshine.sleepI found out that some friends were also in the park! I told her to follow the bubbles and she'd find me!photo(7)We played with more bubbles..bubbles4496523379_0e54465464_oPainted our nails...nailsAnd I watched my friends doing aerials!aerialIt was a nearly perfect day. :)