*miracle kite*

I love flying kites.I love how effortlessly they float in the air.In Iowa, I used to carry kites in the trunk of my car for impromptu kite flying in open fields.This weekend some friends and I flew some kites. It was wonderful.At one point, we had three kites in the sky!Watching the kites was a nice time for daydreaming...Wouldn't it be neat if kites could fly in purple skies?And if colors were always this bright?Sometimes the kites would crash, but we made some new friends that helped them take off.And they'd be back in the sky... (the butterfly kite was given to us by an adorable little girl!)And we'd be back to smiling.A couple of kites felt like making homes in trees.One clever guy thought he could use this stick to get it down.Just for helping, we decided to give them a kite. I think it made their day.We had one miracle kite that flew effortlessly the entire time. After awhile, the butterfly joined!All in all, successful day for kite flying~two kites in trees, one given away, and a new one given to us.Hooray for bright, magical days!I hope you had a magical weekend too!xo