things that make me smile

This post was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers - Katie Sokoler! She did a post about "things that make her smile" and asked others to do the same. I've also had a long  week (I think many did!) and think that sharing reasons to smile or be happy is a fantastic idea. So here are mine...1. Silly Halloween costumes and apartment "Mascots" (btw, Goosie is kicking it in Dysart!)2. The open roads of Iowa - and realizing I miss them -3. Midnight trains to Montauk to watch the sunrise......and using this shell to protect my eyes...4. Pretending to be birds......and imagining dancing on these clouds.5. Pretty waterfalls......and climbing them to find rainbows.6. Survivaballs7. Kids and their puppies - and willingness to share them8. All the colors of this life.......and being able to capture them in photos (iphones, film, and the like), art, and our imaginations.There are so many talented artists and photographers and I love seeing people's lives through their eyes.So what makes you smile or happy?It's Friday and sunny, so let's spread the happiness today!I hope you have a fantastic weekend filled with all the things you love. :)...and that you can get some rest.