lights, camera, awesome!

A couple of weekends ago, my friend Katy and her beau came to visit! Katy and I used to sing in a jazz band together in Iowa City. We became friends with a common love for music and theatre. Our "band" was interesting and had many performers rotating, but they were all awesome and wildly talented. I learned so much by just listening to everyone.Considering our background, a Broadway show was certainly fitting! It wasn't planned, but it was a welcome surprise after helping out my friends who had a long (very long and lost) journey to the city. Plus, what's a weekend without a little "back and forth"? ;)We went to La Cage and it was awesome! Kelsey Grammer wasn't at our performance, but his understudy was a fantastic actor.It was a very colorful show and the stage was very bright.I loved the idea of getting some pink hearts!Once I started with the hearts, I couldn't stop!Until it started pouring! But luckily we made it inside first!After dinner, I had to show them this crazy, awesome row of Indian restaurants. These guys all fight to get you into their restaurant, claiming it's "brighter!" It's really fun. :-)Anyway, aren't they adorable?So are we!miss you ms. Richter! :)Hope you had a wonderful summer vacation!