3 am savory pies and lavender cookies

This years daylight savings time brought a savory pie and some lavender cookies with some wonderful people.Since Michael was in town, we had to make a pie. He works at the Farmer's Market in Iowa City and sells delicious pies. For those IC folk - go to the Farmer's Market and treat yourself!Last night we decided to make a savory cheddar and onion pie around 2:00 am. Around 3:00 we decided we wanted more to eat than onions and experimented with the spices in Hayden's kitchen...the result ~ a savory pie and lavender cookies.IMG_0419IMG_0439IMG_0456IMG_0431IMG_0454IMG_0421IMG_0459IMG_0463IMG_0464IMG_0486IMG_0470IMG_0426After the cooking extravaganza, we were pretty tired and still had to make the bed which was extremely loud and had to be muted only to create fire hazard in Hayden's lap!IMG_0490Twenty minutes later - success. :)IMG_0511Thanks friends for a fun weekend. And Michael for your excellent recipes!btw. The lavender cookies could be very good - but next time we'll crush the lavender because biting into it was like eating potpourri.**Hope you all had a great weekend!

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