floppy disk shelves and flower potpourri

I keep raving about this movie, but you have to see it - Wasteland. It's so eye opening and makes me want to make everything out of trash - or shoot it all into space. Imagine if we created rings for our planet out of trash or garbage moons? It sounds crazy, but it could be kind of neat!Anyway, since I can't really shoot anything into space, I suppose creative uses for things will have to do.Hayden got some plants this weekend to spruce up the apartment (which I'll be moving into very soon!!!). To avoid a forest on top of the microwave, he wanted to put them on the walls, but didn't want to buy a bunch of shelves.I suggested using a book.The results?Books and floppy disk shelves for plants!to make your own - just drill screws and L-shape shelf pieces into your item.So cute! I may have to submit these to Project re-style!**Another "upcycling" project -- dried flowers for potpourri!!Remember these beautiful flowers? Now they are a little freshener at my desk!In the next couple of weeks I plan on making coasters or bags out of old things with my Art Explorer's kids!Hooray for upcycling and creating!