dreadful mondays no more

I used to dread Monday's something fierce.When I was a kid, I hated Sunday nights. It was an awful reminder that Monday was around the corner. Monday meant school and homework and whatever else scared me at that age...the thing is, they don't tell you that they are equally dreadful when you are an adult.If only we had three day weekends:day 1: recuperate from the weekday 2: play!day 3: relax and prepare for the next weeksounds heavenly, doesn't it?Since three day weekends are not in my short term future, I decided to find something to love about Mondays. Actually, it didn't happen like that -- it just so happened that I signed up for a painting class that is on Mondays.And it just so happens that the class has been everything I need.And what a perfect start to the week.It's allowing me to work on some pieces that have been hanging on my wall for over a year...(this is ALMOST done...)Play (literally - sometimes i throw it) with paint...and try something completely new --yes.I was terrified of this class, but it has been so inspiring, I'm creating, and it feels so good!Thank you Julian for pushing me to do it.<3!

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