Botanical Garden

As you know, I love flowers. I love their bright colors and the way they just make me smile, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to go to the Botanical Garden.Plants are so amazing to me. I wish more people would stop to look at all of their tiny details. The tender curls and swirls of vines, textures for protection against predators eating them, and beautiful gradients of colors they provide naturally (take that PowerPoint backgrounds!) It all makes me wish I could be a magical butterfly making my way through a forest of these treasures. Instead, I'll daydream, take photos, and perhaps paint and write children's stories of them! Also, I' m not sure how I'd fair living a rainforest, as it's rather warm and outside of my four degrees of comfort (mid-high 70's).Here are a few photos from the gardens, more will be on my flickr page.**the beautiful arches of the orchid show...**Venus Fly Traps are so cool that I bought one for my desk at work!Hope you all had a great weekendxoxo