love notes

random acts of kindness always cheer me up. perhaps it was because i missed the guerilla glee club last night, but i was in a foul mood. i was mad for not knowing how to write a good project plan and having one of those "life moments".but this morning i was reminded that it's the little things that matter.*a person offering their seat to an older woman*** a big sister holding her little brother's hand as he enters the train. "watch your step!" she says...*****genuine smiles from strangers***sometimes i need those reminders. to look outside of myself. to look at the people around me and remember that they are just as human as i am. filled with emotions and sometimes flawed. those those reminders help me remember that while i can't control everything (and even though sometimes it takes two, three, seven times to get it right - GFD) that it's all worth it.because this life. is all we know.**which is why, i decided to leave some love notes on the train this morning.perhaps they'll be reminders to others. **happy friday folks! have a fan-tab-u-lous weekend!and remember to love. ;)xo