dreams under my pillow...

Something happened after June's chaos. I don't know how to explain it, but suddenly the entire world felt lighter. Work seemed a bit easier, even though I was working harder. My paintings have been dreamier and rich (I will share soon), despite challenging myself with compositions. And my heart has been bubbly, effervescent, and has me smiling a lot. So much that my cheeks hurt and I worry that people on the train may think I have a disorder.Weekends of fun, new friends, and so much more have me filled to the brim. I am overflowing with love. It's as if all of these dreams under my pillow have found their way into reality.Here are some magical things from the weekend...

  • another day at the beach with francesca
  • exploring prospect heights
  • making boats out of leaves
  • daydreaming in prospect park

  **I feel this glorious feeling of excitement and like this cute pup, I'm ready to leap into new territories.