stage 2 at Rockwood Music Hall

Last Thursday, I went to a great show with some great girls.If you haven't heard the Milk Carton Kids, then you need to download (for free - say what?!?!) their music right now because they are amazing. Their lyrics made me misty eyed and swooning over love.If you haven't heard Gaby Moreno, then you're in for a super treat. At one point, I made a "yeeaaaah" shout because she was just. that. good. Yes. I have a new girl crush (you will too).If you haven't heard The Kin, you haven't heard harmonies this sweet. (plus, not bad on the eyes either)...listen here or in the player below **But these lovely ladies are what made the show and the night. Lots of laughter and smiling.I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life!thanks for a fun night lovelies!xoxo

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