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germans1My cousin from Germany and her friend came to visit me last week. Ten days with the Germans (yes, they have names, but it was fun calling them this) was a total riot.

  • Their love for Colby jack cheese was funny. Apparently this cheese is not available where they are from.
  • I remembered more German than I thought and we had many conversations (although, my cousin would beg to differ) in this foreign tongue.
  • I ate too many sweets.
  • The night of dancing til 3:00 am was very memorable, especially at the point when one of the girls asked, "Where are the Germans!?!" Where were they? Taking pictures of the very large mirrors in the bathroom area.
  • It was fun introducing them to all of my friends.
  • Francesca, I want that hipster hat!
  • We laughed a lot.
  • There was one bad cooking incident and our house was full of smoke. I still plan on writing a letter to the store about the bread without cooking directions!
  • The cats were slightly jealous of the company, but were sad when they left. I might have even shed some tears with them.
  • We had a sing-a-long that last until 1:00 am. My gosh, my friend Katy really does have the loveliest voice ever.
  • The inside track of the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island really stirred up my motion sickness, but watching the girls reactions made it well worth it.
  • Did I mention how awesome the German chocolate was? Schoko-bons=heavenly
  • Despite the technology of Google translator, Hayden's random questions to the Germans were still confusing. The Kase frage about Colby vs. Jack was especially tricky.
  • Coffee and lazy mornings=bliss
  • Katy Perry Pandora is pretty great for getting dolled up.
  • Our corner store must really think we are crazy.
  • This list could go on and on. But I'll end it here. All in all, a wonderful trip.

Liebling cousinne! Du felst mir sehr! Und Steffi auch! Jetz, wir besuchen oych!(to the grammar sticklers: it's all about making sure you are understood, so HA! That said, I'd love a language buddy!)


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