a year in a painting

The years seem to go faster, don't they?They almost seem like months. Months seem like weeks.Life is just happening. Right now -- as I write this -- life is just happening.People are thinking of clever status updates, people are dancing in the street, they are loving, they are sleeping, they are kissing, they are fighting, they are typing, working, reading, dreaming, thinking and so much more.This life is just here. This life can be complicated - don't be fooled, young children. but I promise pinky promise even - that it's wonderful.it's beautiful.In all it's whirring madness with those days of quiet, days of stillness, days of joy, lazy days, painful days, bored days, whatever they may be...this life is lovely.Especially when you live it.And that is e x a c t l y what I intend to do.Here's to a New Year and what it will bring:more art. more love. more painting. more music. friends. sunshine. pretty things. glitter! learning. listening. being.But you can't start the year without having some nostalgia for the last one...so many fun times with friends. yay! yay! yay! yay!jazz parties with waldo. furry fluffs. making a difference. key west.visiting my favorite georgian peach.learning those same lessons over and over again.family. going home.art **photo mosaic made with this awesome free download by andrea mosaic