The Sunday I finished Watership Down

The final chapters of a book are always ...(not sure what the word is)...but something. I reach a certain point where I realize I'm nearing the end and I try to read slower, but barely do because I'm so excited and read every chance I can - the train, the short walk from the elevator to my office, the crowded Pax in Times Square on a lunch break (it was there that I nearly jumped out of my chair wanting to tell everyone about what the rabbits endured - it was that good).But there's nothing better than finishing a good book. You turn the last page and you breathe in the last bits of the characters and their surroundings. You might even feel a bit sad or lonely because in a way, you're losing these characters. I was in a pizza place on Graham ave when this happened. Afterwards, I decided that the only thing to do was to paint. I think the spirit of the book really came through in the piece.p.s. Thanks Chris for taking my lovely photos!