goodbye may, hello june!

The last few days of May were fun, really fun. Lots of time with amazing friends - the garden is in full bloom! There was a late-night-birthday-dance-off and binges of watching superhero movies while making funfetti cookies (which make a delicious breakfast). A stolen shirt from a cute boy keeps us warm in an air conditioned office.And now onto June...the time of year where everything after work seems golden. The buildings glow and the sky changes from blue to pink to fire orange and on... the sun is so pretty.Please bring more sunshine and less rain. We certainly don't want it like the summer of rain a few years back, although we do love playing in the rain.June 21 will bring the longest day of the year and our friend will visit his childhood home of Columbia. We are ecstatic for him!This month will also bring a trip to the cornland, with a much needed reunion with some of our favorite people in the world. It's been far too long. There will be tears and hugs and cheers. Yay love and weddings!We will finally get to play in the dirt, now that we've made contact with the community garden owner.It's going to be a good summer.