collaborative painting at citydrift

friday night i participated in citydrift. i set up a blank canvas with art supplies and encouraged everyone to add something. it was fun to see what different people brought to the canvas; some things were recognizable, some not,  people painted over things, added to existing things, and so much more. layers upon layers now live on this canvas. at the end of the night, the canvas was cut up and given me, this canvas represents what life can be like. we all have layers upon layers of stories and life and we take bits and pieces with us. there are moments we wish we could freeze and sustain, but there can be real beauty in being fluid with change. to just be with what is. there can also be real beauty in sharing our stories.if you're interested in having a piece of the canvas, let me know and i will gladly give you one. thank you to everyone who participated.xokkp.s. i forgot to mention that participants were able to paint surrounded by bubbles and balloons...**here are some photos from the event. it started with a beautiful sky...after awhile, we did our own drifting to look at other installations...the night ended with this beautiful installation. this was a man made out of driftwood, filled with thoughts for loved ones we've lost. we were to write a note, fold it up, add it to the man, and seal it with beeswax. it was very moving.**full set

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