something like a bird song

I like to think of my bio as something like a bird song…


something like a birdsong

It’s 5:20 am. I’ve been tossing and turning for the past hour or so, words flying through my mind. No matter how many times I closed my eyes or wished for rest, the words kept bouncing like little foudroyant jumping beans - it seems there’s a story to share. Nearly a half moon is peeking through the window and the sun is beginning to rise.

I’ve never been a morning person, but here I am writing a bio for this website. I know I’m doing it “wrong”, but somehow it seems appropriate this way.

I’ve always found bios difficult to write, likely because self-worth and love were (and still can be) difficult places for me to hang out. Like most humans, I’m a bundle of nerves and sometimes think I feel too much. I’d write about all the ways this is true, but that would take too long and “bios” are supposed to be wittier, I think.

I can be endearing, but I am not witty.

I am a believer in kindness and love, in people and their potential. I am an awesome cheerleader and will always root for goodness, but understand the beauty of darkness and diving in and through to find the light. It’s not easy, but holy hell it’s worth it.

Microbes fascinate me, along with the idea that everything is a loop.

I like to think of our souls as “heartstring operators” - tiny little fairyland critters living inside these human bodies and I believe that they (we!) are all connected by some beautiful, sparkly, magical thread and that our energies are like the elements, constantly shifting shapes and that some souls will always find each other again.

Climate change stresses me out and I am deeply saddened by what’s happening to our planet and how easy it is for us to forget that we are all connected to each other and to the Earth, but I realize that being a human is tough and sometimes we lose sight of our original “heartstring operator”. I will always advocate for Mother Nature and being kind to one another because this form of caring has a ripple effect and always comes back around.

My heart is forever young and I love glitter, animals, the ocean and exploring nature. I am a painter, musician and not afraid to give love notes to random strangers. I value my relationships and liken my friends to a beautiful garden of connections.

Let’s be friends.

Where you’ll find me:
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... climbing trees ...


Current Work and Projects

Studio Sprouts at Arts Center of the Capital Region

Executive Director and Farm Manager
Friends of Tivoli Lake Preserve and Farm, Inc.

Art Educator
Various locations around the Capital Region

The Machine that Wouldn’t Die / Machine Revival

p.s. For those interested in more about my professional experience, check out my LinkedIn page.