To do lists and painting parties..

I love making lists. Even more than this, I love crossing things off my list. Here's what I have so far...

Weekly to-do list-

  1. Canvas Project art project!!

  2. Wedding painting present

  3. Pick up dry cleaning

  4. Choir concert program

  5. Look into tax license for new painting project

So far, so good. I was the first at work today and was able to work on the layout for the program (#4). I recently started taking on small projects to teach myself design including photo shop and InDesign. My First Program Ever turned out pretty nice. These choir programs are perfect for me to learn layouts and basic design. I actually think it's fun to put things layouts! Any of my design friends, probably think this is crazy. :)

Sadly, the other items on my list, will have to be done throughout the week, as I can't just bring my art to work! I am excited to work on my canvas project, and will write more about it, as I complete the pieces.The last item on the list is something that I decided to start over the weekend (and can "work" on at the office, since at this point it's mostly research). This is something I should have started a long time ago, since I'm constantly on the search for ways to expedite my "plan to freedom", aka get out of debt.

Background: Since I am always in the need of extra cash, I started this second job, it's just a weekend thing, since I have a full time job. It all started when Dandeena told me to go to the park and face paint. I spent the past 10 summers in Iowa facepainting at carnivals (btw, I'm not a carnie!) with her, and she was floored that I hadn't tried it since moving to New York. So last summer, I did it. I went to the park, with a bag of facepaints and tried to make some cash. At first, I charged by "donation only" and basically  made $6 for three paintings. In Iowa the paintings I did would have made me $15. I quickly realized that I wasn't charging enough and that I needed to move to a more "kid-friendly" area. I moved to the merry-go-round and charged a flat $5 per painting. I ended up meeting a woman that owned her own "body art" company, where artists go to parties and paint. I got hired on the spot. So two hours and a $100 later, I felt like it was a productive day.Fast forward, six months ahead and here I am, spending some weekend nights at parties with 13-year olds. Basically, I go to bat/bar mitzvahs and do the body art for the kids attending. Honestly, I wouldn't call it art as most of the people prefer the airbrush tattoos. These are easy and require minimal chatting with the kids...

Kid: Can I have the pig
Me: Number please?
Kid: B26Me: Glitter?
Kid: YES! Any Color!

As you can tell, it's not that hard. I might make it sound terrible, but it's actually pretty fun. Not to mention, it's amazing to see these expensive parties. I've heard that some of these parties cost $1,000,000!!! I can't imagine spending so much money on a party! It has been very cool to see amazing venues in the city (rooftops, skyscrapers, waterfront views, etc) but as one little girl pointed out this weekend, "It must be fun to be the body artist, but actually, I think it would kind of suck, since you can't eat any of the food and you just have to watch everyone have fun."

Thanks kid, glad you're so on top of things, but in many ways, she is right--I just can't believe she pointed it out. I have worked enough service industry--all black attire--Labor Ready events to know that the painting jobs are just a couple of steps above this.

Ewww....just the thought of Labor Ready makes me cringe...I'm so happy I'm not working for Labor Ready and giving plasma to survive. Yes, life is good. Just those two words remind me of this! No more same day paychecks and "it's been 10 days since an accident" signs! I have truly come far.