Story of Stuff

I have been home sick for the past couple of days. Definitely NOT fun. I think that summer colds are the worst...maybe in some ways it's better that the weather hasn't been that great, as I haven't missed too much. I caught up with Nate (he's an awesome friend who shares my passion for the environment) tonight, and we talked about the weather. He is in Seattle and has said that the weather has been "off" there as well. While we have had a month of rain, they have had none, and um, hello!? Isn't Seattle known for it's rain? Siigh, skipping seasons, long warm and cold winters, lots of rain, and ruining my beach season have made me realize that we are definitely in a period of "global weirding."

In any case, while it might seem as if the world is falling apart (lately, Iran, Afghanistan, and much more) there are good things happening! People are opening their minds and learning about new (or old) things to make a difference through videos. (yes, not new, as technology has been around forever, but as we all know, I am behind the times on this!)The Story of Stuff has become one of my favorites.

This is a great 20 minute narrated/animated marker-board story. It is done really well and gives me hope that more people will open their eyes to the real changes we need to make in order to help the environment and world. We may not save the world tomorrow, but we can at least educate each other!