Mulberry Trees and Birds..

The Highline

The Highline

It is another rain day here in New York. I just got done sweeping the backyard and feeding the birds.I love feeding the birds, but they eat the food so quickly. Sometimes it makes me wish I could talk to them, to tell them to ration it out, as I can't afford to feed them as much as they'd like to eat! :) We get lots of birds, but I think the eastern chickadees are my favorite. :)

Tomorrow is going to be my real art day. Last night was a failed attempt. I needed some art supplies, so I could make my wedding gift *btw, thanks Calee for this awesome idea*, but that did not happen. I missed a train (by moments), decided to walk--thought it would be a nice stroll, WRONG, not going up Times Square!--I got to the store as it was closing, missed two more trains, sat and waited in the hot subway, and finally got to the second store as IT was closing.  !!! I was so pissed I just yelled really loud into 23rd Street. I am starting to think that those people that look like they are crazy (talking to themselves) probably aren't. They are just mad about something and let it out. Since the city has people everywhere, it's hard to yell without someone seeing you. I was definitely part of that last night! It was fine though, because I ended up getting dinner with Hayden and Michael. We went to Dallas BBQ, which is a total experience in itself. I had no idea it would be such a hopping place on a Friday night! We also went to the coolest thing I've ever seen! It's a amazing new park in the city called the Highline Park. This is a park in the sky! It was an abandoned train in the Meat Packing District, that ended up growing wild plants. Instead of destroying it, they decided to make it a park! It's totally eco-friendly and awesome. They left the train tracks and plants there, and have illuminated the path with LED lights. It's amazing to walk through it, looking at the buildings, with the pretty light on the plants. It would be a perfect place to watch the sunset, since it's along the west side. Ahh, New York...this is just another reason to love this city!Here's a photo of the park! This guy has more awesome photos.

Alright, time to get ready for Monica's bbq and another painting party. Hopefully the sun comes back!

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