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from the time we saved a chicken


This weekend was eventful. I spent most of the summer solstice traveling back from Iowa (pics TK), but Sunday was an adventure. We had a delicious brunch and went to the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm. Nicole and I were able to identify most of the vegetation, which made us feel really smart (though, she knows much more than I do!). As we were leaving the staff asked if we knew anyone with a backyard and showed us a chicken - apparently this chicken ran away from a slaughterhouse!  I offered to help by taking the chicken to the Composting Learning Center at Earth Matter.

I've been working with Earth Matter for the past few months. After building their website, I couldn't help but stay on to help with volunteer coordination and social media. It's been a great experience and I truly LOVE hanging out on Governors Island.Come visit us and hang out with Eagle!

**Also pictured, growing the garden of friends and bonding over "Goya" products while watching the World Cup - yet another sport I am clueless about.

Coney Island

IMG_6361IMG_6370IMG_6373IMG_6378IMG_6385IMG_6390IMG_6391IMG_6396IMG_6406//It has been so much fun having Bethy live in New York. We've been friends since the days of doing college radio and music theory classes, but I think our friendship has truly blossomed since she's been living here. I am so lucky to have such amazing, wonderful friends. We had one of those perfect lazy days. We started in Coney Island and wandered around and enjoyed Prospect Park and had dinner at Flatbush Farm (where they have THE BEST butter in the world). If you ever go there, be sure to ask for the bar menu, since it's a little cheaper. Photos from PP to come soon.Not pictured: The gigantic screw the fell/flew on Beth while we were eating hotdogs and fries. The person at the table next to us asked if it came in our food and we had to explain that it fell from the sky! I hope some angsty teenager threw it, but it's quite possible it fell from a ride! Yikes!  Also not pictured is our screaming on the inside track of the Wonder Wheel. For those unfamiliar, the Wonder Wheel has two tracks; an outside that's stationary and an inside one that moves. I thought I filmed it, but apparently I had my lens cap on the whole time. Oopsies!

From when the days where just a touch longer

IMG_4160IMG_4183IMG_4168IMG_4201IMG_4180IMG_4197IMG_4206IMG_4208IMG_4222IMG_4225IMG_4277IMG_4287IMG_4292IMG_4294IMG_4296IMG_4299//Gum-balls in Queens (how I wish I could jump in there!), a walk on the Williamsburg Bridge, lawn ornaments by my house, awesome office friends [seriously, I love these guys], trying to get across town on Halloween (it was hell, but those kids in the townhouse were so funny), and some flora and fauna of the fall.Fall was fun, but I'm glad that tomorrow marks the shortest day of the year because THAT means the days will start getting longer. One microsecond at a time. ♥

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little bits of summer

IMG_8208Waking up at 5:00 am (I immediately fell back asleep after taking this).9168095038_ae4ca2dc6d_b9168368982_34ff1731a9_bMessages of love.IMG_0666Pretty sunsets on above ground trains.IMG_0670IMG_8129Pretty sunsets from the edges of Brooklyn.Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 6.10.03 PM.pngIMG_8396A kitty so happy she's drooling.Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 6.22.00 PM.pngIMG_8434My favorite golden evening light.Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 3.07.19 PMIMG_8415Things in full bloom and greenery everywhere.IMG_7995Finding quaint places with dreamy backdrops like this one.//yes, this is summer.

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STooPS Bed-Stuy

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 10.27.18 AMIMG_8296IMG_8328IMG_8321IMG_8318IMG_8315IMG_8306IMG_8308IMG_8299IMG_8291Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 11.27.01 AMMy lovely friend, Jeni, invited me to STooPS Bed-Stuy. Here's a bit about the event from their website:STooPS is a community-building event that will use the arts to bring people outside and promote social interaction among artists, homeowners, residents, and businesses of Bed-Stuy. Various Bed-Stuy homeowners will collaborate with local artists to host mini performances and art showcases on their stoops, yards, or sidewalks. At the same time, various local vendors, businesses, and organizations will bring folks together at the events main space, the Freebrook mansion at 375 Stuyvesant. The event will culminate with performances by several Brooklyn based companies and arts organizations.STooPS will unite a community! Not pictured: A quick summer rain, but it did not stop the dancing by the red stairs!