Coney Island

IMG_6361IMG_6370IMG_6373IMG_6378IMG_6385IMG_6390IMG_6391IMG_6396IMG_6406//It has been so much fun having Bethy live in New York. We've been friends since the days of doing college radio and music theory classes, but I think our friendship has truly blossomed since she's been living here. I am so lucky to have such amazing, wonderful friends. We had one of those perfect lazy days. We started in Coney Island and wandered around and enjoyed Prospect Park and had dinner at Flatbush Farm (where they have THE BEST butter in the world). If you ever go there, be sure to ask for the bar menu, since it's a little cheaper. Photos from PP to come soon.Not pictured: The gigantic screw the fell/flew on Beth while we were eating hotdogs and fries. The person at the table next to us asked if it came in our food and we had to explain that it fell from the sky! I hope some angsty teenager threw it, but it's quite possible it fell from a ride! Yikes!  Also not pictured is our screaming on the inside track of the Wonder Wheel. For those unfamiliar, the Wonder Wheel has two tracks; an outside that's stationary and an inside one that moves. I thought I filmed it, but apparently I had my lens cap on the whole time. Oopsies!