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A day with the love birds


On a rare, warm, not-"February-gray" day, we went to the beach with these two love birds.

Nicole is one of my best friends ever. We met at an art project that I was team leading. She was nice and sweet, so naturally I asked her if she wanted to be friends. I remember volunteering together and getting brunch afterwards. Conversation flowed easily and we were like lightning bouncing ideas and moments off one another. We were both in similar situations of "figuring it out".

Through the years we've been there for each other and have grown so, so much.The memory of talking about real love and if we'd ever find it is still so clear in my mind. We went rollerblading in Central Park and our buns were burning as we climbed that north hill. "When it happens, it will happen like lightning. It will be quick, furious, frightening and wonderful," I told her, in between short breaths. Flying down the hill was always the best part.

A few weeks later, that very thing had happened. It may have taken her a moment to realize it, because one must be cautious when sharing the heart. But the moment I saw them together, I knew he was the perfect match. Both are tiny, with dynamic souls that stretch above and beyond and across time and space. Their love is the kind that shines like the sun. In the same way, you know rays will warm you, I know these two will always find each other. Because they are just meant to be. ❤

p.s. I cannot wait to see your fairy-tale wedding this fall!  

winter to spring

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.59.10 AM.png13586892945_c9a9f53c4f_b13586928635_98483d8bed_bbazaar2Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 10.57.01 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-03-23 at 11.00.58 PM.png13587218774_e96c8c7ab6_bIMG_5858IMG_5904IMG_5918IMG_5947IMG_5954IMG_6037IMG_6055IMG_6045IMG_6084IMG_6093nicolemillerIMG_6099IMG_6136IMG_6199//pictured: the last of the ice storms, our new bodega kitty!, an evening at the brooklyn bazaar, a bad day for a crab at the beach, the kick off for the living room concert series, the best reason to take a slightly longer lunch break, and the ultimate sign that we actually have transitioned to spring. tulips.not pictured: the dancing empanada at the bb, bringing kitty spa to the bodega and clipping his nails, writing a haiku while picking sea shells, dancing on the empty stage art piece, the amazing talented voices of the performers of the lrcs, girly giggles as we imagined her perfect day, and transitions of the ♥.full set

sun rainbow

this is one of the craziest things i've ever seen. i was half expecting an independence-day-type-of-thing to happen while taking this video! since i was talking to myself (continuously exclaiming just HOW weird i thought this was), i decided to edit that out and play some grimes instead. ;)