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from the time I became a fairy in Nashville...

Life has been crazy-busy and filled with so. many. changes.

I'm "behind" in photos, projects, and a zillion other ideas that I want to do. I quote "behind" because I don't think there are any real rules to sharing moments (at this rate I will be posting sunrise sledding and snow photos in the dead of summer).

I suppose that's what happens when you plan a wedding in two months (and no, we are not expecting and I do not need a greencard, thank you very much). There are times when I find myself in the "fear-space" of all this change, but over the years I have become much better at recognizing when it happens. This awareness allows me to pull myself out of it sooner and re-enter the present moment, which lately has been filled with lots of color.

While the to-do list is crazy, I decided to take a tiny break and share some snaps from a recent weekend in Nashville.

pictured: finding Springtime in Nashville | cornhole | when my Iowa gals surprised me and told me that I was going to be a fairy for the evening -- they even gave me glitter!!! | playing the "bachelorette question game" that my love and I totally dominated at (we hardly missed any questions! this was one of my favorite surprises because I loved re-living the moments and hearing things from Brendan's point of view) | Nashville's Parthenon

not pictured: when I almost blew the surprise by saying that we needed a hashtag for the weekend (because our previous friend trips have always had one, so I had no idea why everyone was acting so strange when I suggested the idea, but then they revealed that they already had one for the "special" weekend! although we all decided that #nashpatateo was even better because we were nashville-bound and some friends keep likening my (soon-to-be!!) last name to a "potato" | four "hangry" girls in a car and how well KP handled us | KP's hospitality and funny comments, especially the one that said we were like a "four-headed llama, plinko machine" with all of our amazing thoughts racing and bouncing off one another... 


It was a lovely weekend. Thank you all so much. I really love you girls and I'm so happy to be part of your wolf pack ~ the Iowa friendship bracelets sealed the deal.
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Charleston | December 2014


I admittedly spend way too much time wondering what people will think. Starting and re-starting sentences because I'm worried that they will come off "too" something. What makes up this "too" can change at any given time, for a multitude of reasons.And then there's the point of why?

You see, I have a love/hate relationship with technology, social media and the likes of it. I appreciate this digital space and that my thoughts live in a "cloud" and don't clutter up my actual living space. But if I'm honest, it can take an effort to keep the intentions pure.

For me, that means maintaining a space for self-reflection and memories because I like taking photos, looking back at random posts and remembering how I felt.

I took a break from writing for awhile to be more present, but I realized that these things can live in tandem--one can be mindfully present, while being a person that likes taking photos and writing mini-reflections.Sometimes those writings help us frame the memory.

When I listen to my best self I'm reminded that I shouldn't care what anyone will think if I share yet another flower photo or write about my super-sappy feelings on love.Looking at this seemingly simple behavior (to blog or not), helps me reflect on subtle ways of "either/or" thinking and, once again, reminds me to find center.

With that, here are some snaps from a near-Christmastime trip to Charleston.

not pictured: sneaking into corners around the city while drinking a full bottle of white wine given to us by our lovely Airbnb host, how friendly and HUGE that fluffy cat was, seeing thousands of washed up starfish on the shore and trying to save them only to find out later it might not have helped and how sad that made me, eating the most delicious food ever at Husk...omg the bread and butter. yum.

Marco Island

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.30.11 PMIMG_0486IMG_0499IMG_0507IMG_0504IMG_0520IMG_0533IMG_0546IMG_0539IMG_0492IMG_0488Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.28.55 PM//Meeting the "parent sparkles" was marvelous. I have never felt more at home. I really hate saying the word "perfect", but our weekend together really was. Even when Mr. Fox (the cute lil dog) barfed on me when boating - chunks and all. Luckily, I was able to jump right into the water.Not pictured: playing my favorite drawing game, my excitement over seeing the dolphins, and all of the beautiful heartfelt conversations.


IMG_9267IMG_9286IMG_9313IMG_9324IMG_9347IMG_9360IMG_9363IMG_9387IMG_9388IMG_9402Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.22.38 AMIMG_9405IMG_9415IMG_9430IMG_9442IMG_9453IMG_9514Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.21.58 AMIMG_9539Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.37.25 AM//We almost missed the train, but I'm so glad we didn't. At midnight we rushed to Penn Station and made it just in time to take the train to Montauk. After a restless sleep (and getting yelled at by a train conductor because apparently we were in the wrong car) we arrived just after 4:00 am. The air was cool, but you could feel the last bits of summer holding on. (One) of my favorite parts is walking to the beach. It's nearly pitch black, but the air is salty and the waves sound intimidatingly enormous. It's incredible just how fast the sky shifts from a sparkle blanket and shooting stars to the best color show you've ever seen. The darkest blues, brightest pinks, deep purples, and deep orange.We snuggled and danced and watched a seagull find a leftover pizza. The rest of the day was full of adventure, as all the days have been since I met my sparkle partner. *