emerald everywhere

14509265001_de73817607_bProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 preset14326205067_bdcbc63c80_bIMG_723514511270164_5f480a62e3_bScreen Shot 2014-06-27 at 12.05.40 PMIMG_7517IMG_7537IMG_7553IMG_7679IMG_767414512639605_9ddb7b5407_bIMG_7778IMG_7794IMG_7599IMG_7594IMG_7410IMG_7636IMG_7619IMG_7187IMG_7189IMG_7583IMG_7579**I think most people would agree that this past winter was long and a bit dreadful. While I enjoyed the pretty snow, I was ready for warmer months and bits of color instead of the grayscale mornings.After a period of blue, a friend cheered me up by reminding me that the harsh winter was going to bring a bright spring and summer. That the earth would be fertile, retaining the water from its melted snow.She was right.June in Iowa was particularly bright; ditches filled with flowers and emerald green everywhere.**pictured: trails from the Maquoketa Caves, late nights playing with sparklers, morning light from the trees in my childhood home, ditch flowers, and the open roads of Iowa.not pictured: the great conversations had on those trails (this girl is fabulous), pretending I was a wizard (I am just NOW reading the Harry Potter series [10+ years late - I know] and I freaking LOVE them - that is all!), the many looks of confused drivers passing by while I hung out in the ditch crouching down to take photos, face-timing on the side of the road to share a beautiful sunset and just how badly I wanted to reach through the phone for a kiss, and the nice man that gave me permission to enter the bean field so I could get a better shot of the reminders of love.Iowa, you will always have a bit of my .