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From Oklahoma to Chicago

It's strange to think that it's been almost 3 weeks since the wedding! I really do not understand where time goes.Anyhoozle, here are some snaps from the trip to the Midwest, which involved my yearly visit to Oklahoma to see my lovely gals and then a little (actually, very long!) road trip up to Chicago.Not pictured: upon realizing we were not going to make it to see the fireworks with Beth, my 7-year old desire to see them suggested we stop in a random town on the way, wait for an hour, and then watch, but Mary's desire (and motherly instinct understood that 10-hours in a car is a long time for a 4-year old) to just get there won | the point of the road trip where everything just becomes silly | swimming in the hotel after our 12-hour drive, which consisted of multiple switches from the "hot pool" to the "cold pool" (per Georgia, naturally) | and everyone's obsession with candy crush. **IMG_9311IMG_93019257674916_0c648ac5dc_bI was thrilled when I could see the fireworks from the hotel!Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.49.46 AMIMG_9372IMG_9368IMG_9451IMG_9397IMG_9403Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 6.57.02 PMyes, I was obsessed with the Bean!IMG_9457IMG_9483Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.41.41 AMIMG_9480Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 5.45.06 PMIMG_0489O'hare's knock-off of the tunnel in Detroit, personally I like Detroit's better!

Wide Open Spaces....

It's hard to believe I was playing in sunshine and riding midnight donkeys two days ago. I'm back from my trip and missing my girls something fierce.Highlights of the 2011 tripHearing Georgia call me, "Auntie Tim" :)Horseback ridingNature walksMidnight donkey riding after drinking "cowboy koolaid", which btw = dangerPlaying with a baby deerSeeing Jenna and her bfDriving aroundPainting on the porch listening to Dixie ChicksOh how I love Oklahoma. And my girls there, Mary and Georgia ~ my love for you is as bright as Saturday night's full moon, far as the mountains we could see, runs like a stampede of those wild horses, and is just oh-so-full.I love you!** Horses really love sugar...and they like to tell you thanks! :)a little thank you gift for letting me ride the horses!like this doggy, Oklahoma is not so scary. :) it's actually a wonderful place to visit and quite fun! More photos will be posted on my flickr page soon! And tomorrow I'm headed to Key West! Hooray for vacation.Sunshine, here I come!hope you all have a fantastic week!xoxo

Oklahoma sunshine

Happy Friday! I'm hanging in Oklahoma with two of the best girls in the world!!So far this trip has been awesome!Fresh mountain airHikingPainted nailsPretty skyMy yams (you are my sisters!)SunshineAnd of course, lots of loveHope you had a happy St. Patricks day and a fantastic week. More photos and such when I return! For now I will just enjoy this bliss.Xo! 

art days in poteau…

I did a lot of art in Oklahoma.Antler painting, a collage for Mary's classroom, paper art, and I started a new painting. :)It's not finished yet, but I'm excited about it!I also did some journaling and drew a picture of our last night..I wrote Mary a message on the back and stuck it in a bottle...Reminding her that some things aren't complete unless they are together. :)Love you girl! No matter how far apart we are!