global weirding and butterflies..

Sigh, I am stuck in Tulsa, Oklahoma.It is snowing.It is cold.I have a cold (or bad allergies)I am annoyed.But, I am laughing...And am with one of my best girls, Mary. :)We've had some good chats--in between frantic weather updates--The past couple of days have been a see-saw of global weirding!It was 70 degrees and sunny yesterday and today it is 30 with snow and sleet.I also have internet and I'm able to blog about the past week...So here goes...~~I left NYC last Saturday around 4:00 am. I was very tired. But I managed to tape a butterfly to the back of a cab, since I decided they were traveling along with me....they also followed me on the plane, where I made new friends! The guys sitting next to me were intrigued by me taking photos of butterflies. They were college football referees on their way to a conference, so we chatted about the little I know of football, the Hawks, and art. It was fun, and I gave them the butterflies I was shooting. Enjoy!Once I got to Tulsa, Mary helped me add some color to the airport.....And I added some color to the jeep, and the butterflies saw Oklahoma...We also added color to the side of her house...And a classic scene from Gone with the Wind..Georgia enjoyed playing with the butterflies...And we enjoyed playing in the sun...We also went for a drive in the mountains..The sky was so blue...And the sun was so bright!Making pretty butterfly shadows...And finding pretty flowers on the ground..And nice spots on sticks..We had one last day of playing in the sun...And now I'm watching the snowstorm...Good night and more on OK, Georgia, and Mary soon!Let's hope I get back to NYC!xo!