The Dry Tortugas

IMG_2540Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 4.25.49 PMIMG_2554IMG_2556there were lots of jellies and they were all this big!IMG_2575IMG_2586IMG_2582IMG_2630Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 5.21.01 PM.pngIMG_2667IMG_2651IMG_2648IMG_2672IMG_2689IMG_2692aren't they adorable! AND they saved the sea turtle!IMG_2730IMG_2742IMG_2740so many fish!IMG_2734IMG_2745IMG_2748IMG_2754//About 70 miles off of Key West is a lovely, remote island full of nature . It would be the perfect place for the humans to get away from "the walkers" (which btw that show is so good!). It was terribly hot, but so worth it. We spent the day wandering ruins, wondering about the types of conversations birds would have, avoiding jellies, and playing in the water.Could there be anything more perfect? Just look at that blue!not pictured - the sea turtle rescue that happened on the way to the island. apparently, the ferry boat driver (captain?) noticed a sea turtle caught in a buoy the night before, so they had a team (who happened to be a cute couple dressed in the same blue as the day!) come the island for the day to help. i would have watched this sea turtle rescue, but was completely knocked out from the dramamine - as in mouth-hanging-open-sleeping-in-public. a lovely site, i am sure - for nearly the full boat ride there. more photos