Mural pics


Here's the latest on the Visions Mural!

My original plan changed a bit. I actually decided to paint out the entire mural on the canvas and outline everything in puffy paint. This way, it's easier for the volunteers to help the students with adding the colored tactile material on top.

I was up until 4:00 painting this out, in my shoebox room (under the quilt is a full size piano, and my bed is rolled up against my clothing rack). The cat helped, you can't see it, but there are paw prints everywhere! I'll take some better pics soon.

The plan *modified*-

  • Paint the mural out on canvas with color and puffy paint

  • Cut up sketched mural into squares (this will be a large mural, probably 3 x 5 feet)

  • Number the squares, so we know how to piece it together again

  • Give each student individual squares with guidelines on colors to paint

  • Students can add tactile objects on top with the same colors (beads, ceramic pieces, fabric, sand, etc)

  • When the mural is completed, I will sew it together

  • Final mural will be sewn onto a bar so it can be easily hung

They get to see the piece tonight! hopefully they like it!