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"It always seems impossible, until it's done."

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  • Thanks to all of my dear friends for late nights of sketching and planning. Admittedly, it seemed quite impossible until you all pitched in. (even with the intense chevron pattern, it turned out so beautiful!)
  • Thanks to the amazing volunteers for painting and having fun! You were all brilliant and fabulous!
  • Thanks to the school for the great ideas and allowing us to sketch so late and special thanks to Colleen for being an amazing site captain!

I hope the kids love their new mural!not pictured: talking about our "magical" rendering of Washington D.C. with the students that helped paint (one was very proud for being her 3rd grade class president), my hourly "fun" check-in's, and the secret project that the same students decided to do on a SIDE wall. they kept coming over to us and asking if they could paint circles - i assumed they meant the circles for the "Banneker" text and encouraged their help! so we were all very surprised to find a NEW mural when turning the corner, but luckily the school has an amazing principal and parent-teacher coordinator with a great sense of humor. thanks again to everyone for making it such a magical and lovely day!  ♥--previous murals: 1, 2345, 6

New York Cares Day 2013

NY Cares Day 2013 @ W.E.B. Debois High School from Kim Kullmer on Vimeo.This year's New York Cares Day was lit - according to the teens we worked with. The volunteers for this year's event were high school students participating in the Youth Service Program for NY Cares. Since this was a unique opportunity, I wanted to ensure that the students had a say in what was going to be on their walls, so we met a few times before the actual event. Most of them were seniors, so this mural was a chance to leave their mark. We decided on a mural that would depict "Iconic Brooklyn". The final piece was a landscape of Coney Island to the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the teachers suggested adding Jackie Robinson's baseball number, hence the large 42.The students were great to work with. Their energy was inspiring and they. made. us. laugh.Here's a little video from our day.♥Thanks to everyone who came and I hope you all had a wonderful time!

New York Cares Day 2012

My fifth New York Cares Day was a blast. I had a great team of people, including some great friends that helped me with sketching the week before the event (thank you!). The Site Captain of the Ernst and Young team was so organized she had color-coded notecards to split the teams up for the different murals. It was awesome to see my murals come to life and the volunteers were great (especially painting the coral that Julian sketched). A special request was added to the second floor, Betty Boop with purple goggles, in remembrance of a teacher that recently passed away. After everyone left, I did the usual run-around adding detail and finishing touches. I could have stayed and painted in these fun landscapes all day, luckily, I have friends that reminded me that it was time to celebrate.More photos TK from the EY team!Thank you to everyone that participated! (full set)

Come paint with me! :)

Fall is almost here which means so is New York Cares Day! I have been a mural artist for this event the last four years (12, 34). This is my fifth year and I AM SO EXCITED! This is the largest school I've worked with - so large that it has two mural artists. Between the two of us, the kids arriving the following Monday will practically have a brand new school! :)I would love for you to join me in this amazing event.What: New York Cares DayDate: October 13, 2012Time: 9:30-3:30 pmWho: You and anyone you'd like to invite! (please note all volunteers must register)What we'll be doing: Painting a mural in Brooklyn (off of the L train, Grand stop). There will be several murals sketched with a "paint by color" system, so for those without artistic experience, no worries - it will be easy. That being said, there is a lot of room for creative expression, for those looking to do more.If you're interested, register online If you happen upon the site through the regular home page, you can follow these easy steps:

1. Agree to the terms
2. Select, "Join a team"
3. Scroll down and look for the team called, Ron Burgundy


Please note that there is a $20 fee. I can assure you that all funds go to NY Cares and it's ongoing projects. For example, our Art Explorers class has been able to make things with clay, paint, and even take a field trip to a museum.


Happy fall folks!
New York Cares Day 2011

NY Cares Day 2011 (as always) was a great success!Thank you to everyone that participated. We *quite literally* brightened this school and neighborhood. While the volunteers were at lunch, I worked on accents and highlights, while doing this a little girl from an apartment building called down..."Hey! That looks real nice."Knowing that she will have a brighter view makes me smile.Thank you to everyone involved!Here are some snaps of before and after...Pre-sketching last weekend...NY Cares Day outside mural team...Happy volunteers and indoor murals...Finishing touches outside....(I had to leave early to pick up my cousin from Germany [posts on this soon!])Happy students this morning! 

NY Cares Mural Sketches

I can't believe NY Cares Day 2011 is in two weeks! I absolutely love this project, so much that I've participated it in every year since I moved here. You can see my previous experiences here, here, and here.I think it's very inspiring to think about all of the volunteers around the city participating in brightening schools and doing what they can to make a difference. I even take a break from my regular NY Cares Art Explorer's project so I can work with other schools.Someone recently asked me if I thought of my volunteering as "work". I didn't have to think twice about that question. I don't. To me, it's something that brings me back to earth. There's something about having a very hectic week and then taking a couple of hours on a Saturday morning to make art with kids or paint murals that reminds me that there is soooo much more to this life than the things I'm surrounded most of the time. I enjoy meeting people and I love trying new art activities with the kids. Plus, there's this amazing bakery right by the train that has this amazing Colombian cheese bread which I get every week with my co-team leader. YUM!Anyway, this year's mural focuses on puppets the school uses to teach kids about "being a good sport" in different situations. Here are some sketches in progress. They aren't finished yet and the crayons don't really show the exact blues I want to use for the sky, but it's a start!p.s. perhaps not my best sketches, but it will be a fun mural and much prettier than these!

something like a speckled egg...

I love volunteering and I love the kids I work with even more. Last week, we made marbleized paper. I have to say that the students had swirlier turnouts than I did! My sample looked more like a speckled egg! Our projects work best when I bring a sample to class. This way the kids actually see what we are making. Plus, it's a great chance to do some fun art!I found this project online. It was super easy, super messy, but super fun!The best part about that day? Having one of the kids who just wanted to play on the computer actually participate in our project. He was not interested in making art with us AT ALL and was very adamant about not coming to class. Three volunteers tried getting him to come, but I managed to talk him into it. Seeing him excited about the project and promising to participate in future projects made my week. If you are in New York, come volunteer with us! Giving back is so, so rewarding. Thanks to everyone that participated and my great co-team leaders!Hooray for volunteering! NY Cares Day 2011 is coming up! I'll be posting information about my mural soon! What you need:

  • Food coloring
  • Vegetable oil
  • Paper
  • Baking pan
  • Water

1. Take the food coloring and cooking oil and put it in a glass or cup to stir. I used these glasses at home, but at the class we used little craft containers.2. Mix the oil and food coloring to make the colors you want. Stir it quickly like a salad dressing.3. This part looks super cool...4. Put enough water in the pan so it's a thin layer at the bottom (my sample has too much). Add the food coloring/oil mixture to the pan. It should float to the top of the surface.5. Take the paper and place it on top of the water. When you pull it off, you'll have different swirls and patterns. To make more patterns, just take the mixture and drop it on the paper directly. Move the paper around to make shapes and things you like!** Have a kind roommate help you out when you realize it was stupid to wear a nice camera while playing with oil and food coloring... have him document the rest of the photos **The result? Fun paper!