eco fest and eco fails..

It's infuriating when the NY subways do not work, especially when you have to travel from Manhattan, to Queens, to Brooklyn, and back to Manhattan.I started with my NY Cares Art Explorers volunteering in Queens. There was an Asthma Awareness event and we took the opportunity to teach the kids about the environment."Healthy Air Helps our Earth, Polluted Air Hurts our Health!" (i was very excited about making this up on my own! :D hehe)We did split screen drawings based on the phrase, representing a healthy environment vs. what pollutes it. Kids were able to do their own drawings and add to a larger mural.october 024october 026They got very creative!october 033and I loved listening to them talk about saving the environment. :)Hooray!**The event had a bunch of balloons...october 046Which made me think of my friend, Calee and her birthday!I meant to leave her a full birthday message, but didn't finish...:(Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a HAPPY day. :)october 053and thank you, Kim L. for an awesome lunch!**That night, I went to Brooklyn and had to take a long walk, to get to the motion-sickness inducing bus. Most of the walk was by a cemetery, which made for some eerie photos.october 064october 077october 074Hayden and I had a fun night of conversation, but getting back to Manhattan was a nightmare.The L train wasn't working, so I had to take a cab because it was NOT clear how to get back to the city using public transportation!!! I got stuck in a cab on the Williamsburg bridge in non-moving traffic.I was NOT happy.Thank you MTA for helping me pollute the earth in a non-moving gas guzzling car!BUT...the Empire State Building was very pretty...october 089Ironically, Sunday was Eco-fest day.When Hayden and I met, we laughed because were both wearing mustard yellow!october 110october 114the event was really...interesting...with music, dancing, activism...october 146and a Tibetan sand artist creating designs for peace....october 140We ended up walking through the canyons of the financial district...october 160october 156october 151and watched the sun set in Battery Park..october 248On my way back, I found a nut on the ground which I gave to a cute squirrel this morning. :)october 095**Did you know that New York is missing bunnies? We do not have bunny rabbits. I wish we did, but the squirrels are pretty cute. :)So friends, what did you do this weekend?