glitter and be gay

I took a hiatus from the Visions class, but after last night I realized why I missed it and must return. The students are fun and we make awesome projects.We all decorated these gold foliage with sparkles and paper, but then I decided we should make a whole collage full of glitter and tissue paper.So we did.The result: glitter-rific awesomness!There was a tiny glue spill, but it was perfect for impromptu tissue paper flowers! To make - just smash tissue paper scraps (people's floor scraps are perfect) into balls on the paper - and voila!Textured flowers!We also made glitter designs. I had her follow my hand so she could understand the shapes that we were making.Birds~Swirls~So much glitter!! (sorry for the blur, taken with my glittery hand holding the phone!)This project was really fun for both of us and my student proud of her work!**Have I told you how much I LOVE sparkles?!What do you love? What are your favorite crafty projects? And do you think this project would go over with my kids in Art Explorers? I think they'd like it, but it would be glitter maddness!Anyway, hope you all had a happy hump day!xo**btw: I started this post while I was in choir today - our concert is coming soon! December 17, 2010 - save the date!btw2: Kristin Chenoweth is incredible in Glitter and be Gay