New York Cares Day 2013

NY Cares Day 2013 @ W.E.B. Debois High School from Kim Kullmer on Vimeo.This year's New York Cares Day was lit - according to the teens we worked with. The volunteers for this year's event were high school students participating in the Youth Service Program for NY Cares. Since this was a unique opportunity, I wanted to ensure that the students had a say in what was going to be on their walls, so we met a few times before the actual event. Most of them were seniors, so this mural was a chance to leave their mark. We decided on a mural that would depict "Iconic Brooklyn". The final piece was a landscape of Coney Island to the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the teachers suggested adding Jackie Robinson's baseball number, hence the large 42.The students were great to work with. Their energy was inspiring and they. made. us. laugh.Here's a little video from our day.♥Thanks to everyone who came and I hope you all had a wonderful time!