Krull shop

You're probably wondering what in the world is a "Krull shop"...well, my friends - let me tell you...."Krull" is something Hayden started calling me - I have no idea why - but for some reason it stuck - so much that I almost signed a painting Krull in my last painting class.Now the "shop" part comes from asking my friends to help me finish a project and me sort of making fun of sweat shops...Remember the Visions tactile mural that I started last year?Well, I finally finished it -- thanks to my friends - THANK YOU!!! At my birthday brunch last week I asked me friends to help re-glue some pieces of this tactile mural. This was a much easier task than previous birthday requests of tree planting and gardening... **Thanks again everyone! I presented the mural the students last night and they loved it! It will be hung in Visions over the next few weeks. :)Warm fuzzies all around :)Happy hump day folks!