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not quite a flash mob...

I have the best friends. Truly. That is all.You all make my heart jump like magical, sparkling, jumping beans that turn into butterflies. Thank you.Here's a little video of our "not-quite" A MUSICAL FLASH MOB!p.s. This little musical thing would not have happened without Emily. She is super talented and beautiful to boot. Watch out world. You're gonna be blown away. Wait for it.p.p.s. All friends, you have amazing voices!         

celebrating a birthday and a friendship

My friend, Hayden, is very dear to me.  I still remember the night I wrote in my journal about having found him as a friend and was lucky to have him. He was the first to help me realize that most of the things I encountered in my childhood made up a collage of wonderful stories. Perhaps we will someday write the book.Until then, here's a little video of adventures and delights. Most of the clips are from random trips we've had over the years and from his friends and family (thanks to everyone who helped!)♡Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 3.50.11 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-29 at 3.57.56 PM.pngIMG_7148IMG_7239Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 4.03.01 PM

late night thoughts ten days into 29...

i've been 29 for ten days now. so far, so good. it's so interesting to look back and re-read thoughts and wishes from previous birthdays. i have come so far, learned so much and grown tremendously; but at the same time i haven't changed at all.there are no specific lists, thoughts or wishes for this year. come to think of it, i didn't blow out a single birthday candle. i slipped into this year quietly, but it was unforgettable. no number of facebook posts or birthday candles could have have matched the way in which i actually took time to celebrate for the remaining 355 days of my twenties (gasp!) i want nothing more than to learn to be better at staying in the space of the "unknown". i struggle with uncertainty. my relationship with change has been rather tumultuous because there is this part of me that always wants to have it figured out instead of just letting it be. i struggle equally with thinking too much about the past, wondering about the what-ifs and should-haves. judging my actions and wishing i could time travel for a "do-over". while i don't plan on time traveling anytime soon (i actually find it terribly confusing), i do believe there are situations that come around and around and around again, and we are presented with opportunity and choice. we can choose to see things differently. we can choose to make the same mistakes again. or we can choose to handle things in a completely different way.i believe this is healing. i want to continue with my life to continue in this space. to loosen the grip. i want to live fully. to tend to my garden of friends. to grow. to have adventures. to allow room for mistakes and remember compassion, because there will always be times when we don't get it right - or just don't get it at all. i want to be thankful daily. to love freely. to dream. i want to be open to possibility. i want to be.


hello march,it's the last month before my birthday. 28 has not been my favorite year. astrology friends joke about it being my "saturn return". whatever the hell it is, it has been r-o-u-g-h, but the words of processing these feelings are saved for the moleskin and book, for the last month of this year...let's be kind to each other (starting with compassion). and let's hope 29 shines.** because the stronger part of you (from other moments in time) knows that it can

this coming year

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art – write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself. - Neil Gaiman

**Just a little reminder for 28...along with finishing some of the things off of the list from 27.

a reminder from the trinkets on my desk....

What's that? Little elephant paper weight sitting on my desk (you were acquired when seeing the Lion King a few years ago)You have something to tell me! Oh my! It looks like you are trying to spell! Oh, and look! Your friends decided to join you!Turtle brought his own message...It's a birthday! (it's fitting that Turtle would bring this message, since he was acquired when volunteering with this lovely birthday gal). Kim and I became friends when she was a volunteer at my New York Cares project and eventually was coaxed into team leading with me! Since both of our names are Kim, the kids call us Kim 1 and Kim 2 -- (only calling their favorite of the day Kim 1 - depending on their mood)Yeah for birthdays! Happy Birthday Kim! Today YOU are Kim #1!!

fish birthday greetings

**HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIENDS! :)melanie *today*amy *may 9*and to my dearest Georgia Peach *april 30*our darling peach isn't old enough to know what a blog is yet,  but at least it's internet stamped so some day she'll know i didn't forget!and for those other May birthdays out there...Happy birthday to you. Birthdays are awesome....roommate birthday greetings to come soon...**HAPPY FRIDAY FOLKS! WE MADE IT!xoxo