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serenity in the office

Sometimes I get so caught up in what I'm doing that I barely take a moment to look up. Literally. It's easy for me to get angry at my computer or the internet for being so slow, and it's even easier for me to forget how crazy the internet actually is! (I mean, come on - the interwebs is pretty awesome!) I can get so angry that I will want to pull my hair out scream, "serenity now dammit!" very loudly! But, I know better.So tonight when someone said to glance up and look at the sunset, I knew that that was my serenity moment. (I love sunsets!) And so, I took a moment and a breath and remembered all that is beautiful. And just like that, the light shifted and it was gone..

cutest little music player - ever

I am sort of clumsy, things fall a lot. Like my phone. Except last week it fell a little too hard...I tried listening to my music and I couldn't hear anything but fuzzy static!  Listening to silence and people's chatter is not top of my list, so getting a new music player was very important. I found this adorable thing on Craigslist. It holds so much music and makes me very happy!I also realized how much music I have and the variety of things! From languages to musicals to good indie bands. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend. xoxo


Happy Friday lovelies! Whether or not you have a Valentine this year, I hope you remember that love is all around! Without sounding to "self-helpy" or whatever, it does start with you -- so give yourself a big squish! :)One of my favorite things is sharing love in creative ways (although, I wonder what my office mates think!) I plan on making some squirrels and leaving them around the city this weekend!Have a happy weekend.

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!!!In case that wasn't clear - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETHY!!and just because you're learning German.alles Gute zum Geburtstagbut because i don't want to look too crazy at my desk, you only get that message in English!I love you friend! Have a great day. :)Sending you lots of love from New York!I hope you have an awesome day because YOU are awesome. :)


There are a lot of things I'm forgetful about - birthdays, taking out the trash, filing, etc., but I'm really good at reminding myself of what I want/should be doing.I have these alarms set on my phone. I have one daily for smaller things I want to do, one for the weekend to remind myself for an "art day", and one to stay in touch with friends. Sometimes I ignore the alarms (esp. the daily one), but sometimes I do at least one of the things on the list. And I think that "sometimes" is worth the daily reminders. :)These are my reminders:1.  Monday-Friday2. Weekend (just a reminder to use one day for art)3. Every Sunday night (mostly to stay in touch with faraway friends - don't worry, if you're not on here it doesn't mean I've forgotten you!)For this coming weekend, I plan on going to the beach and doing art! :)Have a great weekend!xo