There are a lot of things I'm forgetful about - birthdays, taking out the trash, filing, etc., but I'm really good at reminding myself of what I want/should be doing.I have these alarms set on my phone. I have one daily for smaller things I want to do, one for the weekend to remind myself for an "art day", and one to stay in touch with friends. Sometimes I ignore the alarms (esp. the daily one), but sometimes I do at least one of the things on the list. And I think that "sometimes" is worth the daily reminders. :)These are my reminders:1.  Monday-Friday2. Weekend (just a reminder to use one day for art)3. Every Sunday night (mostly to stay in touch with faraway friends - don't worry, if you're not on here it doesn't mean I've forgotten you!)For this coming weekend, I plan on going to the beach and doing art! :)Have a great weekend!xo