into the morning light

Growing up, I loved staying up late. I loved staying up to watch the sunrise. I remember late nights with childhood friends talking about dreams and hanging up posters of kittens. In college it was fun to stay out dancing and being girly with my girlfriends.I don't do this often anymore, but every now and then it's fun to see the lights of the night into the morning.~Like the lights of Max Fish on the Lower East Side~~A very fun night with a new friend. *thanks Katy!*~~Streetlights of my new neighborhood and a non-stop fire hydrant~~Lights of street vendors near Union Square~~and the moon light over 2nd Avenue~~I finally learned how to create my own light show...~(first time's a charm!)and of course, the first thing I thought about was love.And hearts...I made these into the morning light...The sun and clouds created a spectacular show.And as the city started to rise, I thought about resting.Hope you had a great weekend. :)xo

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