everyone loves a birthday

Birthdays are the best.Haven't you noticed how everyone is nice to you on a birthday? Birthdays always put me in a good mood!This has been a nightmare-of-a-week, but today is Friday - which means I survived - and it was an office birthday!Much like the show ~ everyone in our office gets a cake/treat of choice for their birthday. I often help with the cake and song. It's always fun to find out what people like. My friend, Julian, was creative for his birthday and asked for flan - of which the leftovers ended locked in an apartment for a week with Hayden's keys... long and funny story.Anyway, we've been prepping for a photoshoot, so the camera was out and the designers had a little bit of fun.(p.s. Can you guess which one is me?)This definitely brightened my day!Have a great weekend!- go ahead -pretend it's your birthday!