for 27...

Today is my birthday.I love birthdays, I really do.Besides creating fun greetings for people, I find that birthdays bring me a sense of renewal. I'm able to reflect on previous years, but more importantly decide where I want to be in the upcoming year.So where do I want to be for 27? For 27 I just want to be...I've always struggled with self-esteem and insecurities - which I think everyone does - but I think I'm coping with those feelings better than I ever have.I'm okayI'm happyI'm slowly learning to actually self-love instead of just talking about it and I'm just figuring it out.2:00 ama couple of hours into my birthday(I was up way too late)For 27... from the moleskin ... (I wrote this on the plane coming back from KW)Here are few other things I'd like to do this year - in my favorite - list form!

  • Keep challenging myself with my job and try to feel more confident, this would help with many things! I've learned a LOT in the past 4-6 months and think I can learn more. I sort of fell into this job, but have found that I really like what I do, and I think it's a perfect place for my people pleasing-ness and organizing skills!
  • Create goals for my art explorers class and have a better planned lessons to encourage more kids to come
  • Travel more
  • Plan a trip to volunteer abroad
  • Attempt to actually learn the languages I keep saying I'm going to learn... (German and Spanish) - hmm maybe I'll take a class
  • Keep taking photos
  • Take another painting class - this has helped me so much! Perhaps an OIL painting class.
  • Learn to cook an Indian dish - so the next time I visit Mary in Oklahoma I can cook for her
  • Practice guitar or piano at least twice a week
  • Write and illustrate a children's book
  • Become more knowledgeable in the things I care about (social issues) and how to help vs. getting on a soap box and ranting my beliefs
  • Never lose my quirky, girly, childish self (this has been in all of my journal "lists" ever since I was 18

So.. it's a birthday :) And it will be a good day.Hope you all have wonderful days and birthdays and whatnot.xoxoxo