let it snow!

...paper snowflakes!Our last Art Explorer's class is on Saturday and I wanted to do something "wintry". I decided we should make some snowflakes. One of my favorite part of doing AE is finding new projects, trying them out, and modifying them for my own. There are so many wonderful art blogs out there and just not enough time to make art!In a perfect world, I'd be making things all of the time all while teaching kids about the environment through art and music. I am getting some nifty ideas for things to do with all of our paper scraps for next semester's Earth Day.Here is my newest love and some photos of the snowflakes we'll make on Saturday:IMG_1724Lots of cutting and glueing...IMG_1721I reused a bunch of my choir envelopes with old addresses...IMG_1725Jumbo snowflake on bright blue paper!IMG_1726So pretty!IMG_1727Hopefully the kids like the project!Either way, I'm looking forward to my long weekend, - I took the day off - so I'll be making lots of art and singing in our concert tomorrow night, and surrounding myself wonderful people.Enjoy the weekend! I hope it's filled with lots of sparkly love...and laughing..lots of it!