Chrisnakuh Charades!

Last weekend I had a holiday party at Hayden's *thank you!*It was quite fun and*HT made the lovely plaid and I made the snowflakes and swans*hjaWe had some delicious treats...*sticky buns, Colombian cheese bread (my favorite), arugula beet salad with candied pecans and goat cheese, sweet potatoes, and a sausage, sun-dried tomato casserole*cheesebreadbut. the best part?Charades.At first eveyone was a little hesitant when I made them fill out pieces of paper, telling them to pick fun words for us to act out -- I'm sure I remember some comment about this not being my NY Cares class!But the result? Lots of laughing.haeAnd big motionskimhair2anaActing got fun with certain words...julianeahddecorAnd the star made a lovely background...emilyhayden1Post party relaxing moment. :)hkThanks everyone for coming and for participating in my fun charades game! The best way to play charades -- have everyone write their own words to act out!Happy holidays friends!and Merry Chrisnakuh!xo

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