clay bird

Once a week, I volunteer with the blind creating art projects and I'm constantly amazed at their talent! We set these projects up so mostly everything is done by the student. The point is to make them feel successful in the art that they are making and let their creativity speak. Last semester we worked on a mural and it turned out great. I still have to post the final photos!This semester we've been working in clay, basket making (kind of hard~actually), and decorating hats.I am working with a new student and she is amazing! We sing Italian arias to each other, she teaches me words in the five languages she knows, and I watch in awe as she skillfully molds clay into birds.This is actually our second bird. The first bird was too wet, the wings broke, and we had to start over. I think this bird is even prettier than the first, as we're really working together to create patterns for the feathers (made from beads). She creates the pattern on one side and I mirror it -- all while singing.She inspired me to set up a singing program for the Greenwich Village Singers to come in and do some volunteer singing. I told her we'd be performing this summer and she was thrilled!**Do you ever have those moments where you realize how BIG the world is?And how each person has their own story?I do, and I love hearing other people's!And of course, sharing my experience from their stories. :)