NY Cares Mural Sketches

I can't believe NY Cares Day 2011 is in two weeks! I absolutely love this project, so much that I've participated it in every year since I moved here. You can see my previous experiences here, here, and here.I think it's very inspiring to think about all of the volunteers around the city participating in brightening schools and doing what they can to make a difference. I even take a break from my regular NY Cares Art Explorer's project so I can work with other schools.Someone recently asked me if I thought of my volunteering as "work". I didn't have to think twice about that question. I don't. To me, it's something that brings me back to earth. There's something about having a very hectic week and then taking a couple of hours on a Saturday morning to make art with kids or paint murals that reminds me that there is soooo much more to this life than the things I'm surrounded most of the time. I enjoy meeting people and I love trying new art activities with the kids. Plus, there's this amazing bakery right by the train that has this amazing Colombian cheese bread which I get every week with my co-team leader. YUM!Anyway, this year's mural focuses on puppets the school uses to teach kids about "being a good sport" in different situations. Here are some sketches in progress. They aren't finished yet and the crayons don't really show the exact blues I want to use for the sky, but it's a start!p.s. perhaps not my best sketches, but it will be a fun mural and much prettier than these!