New York Cares Day 2010!

Holy crap is it Monday again?Seriously.I barely remember the past two weeks, it's been something like this; work, work, work, work, sketching, sketching, sketching, sleep, coffee, coffee, work, work, work, sketching, sleep, coffee, work work, work, and trying to see people in between to maintain sanity!But now, I have a tiny moment to breathe. To come up for air like my fish, Deadline. :)One of my projects is done! New York Cares Day 2010 was on Saturday and the school I worked on received a huge makeover! From the garden, to books, to the murals, it's hard to believe we accomplished so much in one day!But we did! Here's a walk through of the murals after they were complete~New York Cares Day 2010Before:photo(3)photo(8)photo(9)(we did touch up on these pre-existing murals)photo(10)photo(2)After:photo(4)photo(3)photo(8)photo(6)After an exhausting day - I'm proud of my version of Klimt's "Tree of Life". I hope this will be an inspiration to kids every day!photo(5)**Not only did we paint the cafeteria, but we helped the school yard. Before it was a block of concrete and now there are several games for the gym teacher to lead! This morning, we received a big thank you from our happy students!4 square thank youTo all the volunteers, thank YOU for participating! We couldn't have done it without you!Until next year's NYCD! :)all photos from iphones - thanks Alexxa for some of these pics! :)