Sketchbook Project Tour!

The sketchbook project tour has begun!

Books were meant to be touched. The exhibitions will be treated "library-style", complete with library cards for each visitor who can check books out and view them while in the galleries. There are no frames hanging on a wall. This is a purely tactile experience.

**My sketchbook is a little different. It is pretty, sweet, ugly, awful, human, pure emotion, and the rawest piece of art I have ever done.

It is 100% complete honest.

I don't expect anyone to read the whole thing, but if they did, they would see what exactly what I felt in overcoming a broken heart.

Anytime I felt anything; I wrote, sketched, drew, scribbled, tore paper. I used my art to help me get through the worst of it. It honestly helped. I realized this when I wasn't writing in it every five seconds. I think I took a break on day 14. That was when it started to get better.

I don't have a copy of the book, but I do have some photos. I planned on scanning the whole book, but never did. I wasn't even sure that I would send it. But on the last day of the second extension, I sent it. I am a different person than when I wrote the book. I even start the book with that disclaimer. Who knows if anyone will even pick it up?

That said, the schedule of the book's tour is above.

Cheers to emotion and using art to release!

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