all you need is love

Ahh Monday. I am exhausted. I think we walked 100 blocks, literally.This weekend, our adventures started in Central Park..We did a lot of walking and a lot of talking.In catching up, we realized that we've come a long way since the days of chasing cats, sneaking into old "haunted" houses, and climbing mulberry trees.But, some things never change, like our adventurous spirits and love of looking at pretty things.Like sparkly chandeliers..Which I will totally own one of these someday!As children, we used to believe in magic..and we still do.I think strangers were a little scared..In reality, we were just playing with trash.We connected with my Asian roots..But I'm still a little confused.. Germasian?Since my family is always changing, it's important to take family portraits.The rest of the night was a little blurry...but I believe we did dancing.The morning after, I found my earrings on my fan.AJ got me some coffee..and Lavi gave me kisses.We sat on the fire escape and saw pretty shadows.We were both too tired to walk around, so we did lots of sitting.Enjoyed an interesting dance show...and found some love in Times Square.Sadly, this morning he had to leave.We had a wonderful time and it was just so nice to catch up. I am really lucky to have such a special friend! Life is so chaotic, but I think that at the end of the day, all you really need is love. (hooray Beatles!)If my life were a painting, it would be very bright. Full of color, and full of life. One of the reasons I love painting is because adding that extra tint of yellow or pink can really make something breathe. Imagine a dull flower and adding a highlight to it. All of a sudden it has life. The people that come in and out of our lives are constantly bring new breath to us.Haven't you ever met a person that is like a breath of fresh air?I have, lots of them.And I seriously hope that those I've met will be there for the next chapter of my life.But it's good to know, that I'll always have someone there to catch me.xoxoxox

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