Butterfly flutterby..

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love butterflies.I've always loved them, ever since a child. And once I started painting, they were my favorite thing to paint. In Iowa, I used to face paint at town festivals, and I was always known as the "butterfly girl." When I got my guitar, the first song I wrote was about butterflies. Three chords. (G, C, D)G                                   CButterflies are my friend (x3)G                                 C                         DButterflies are my friend till the end!I even took one of my senior pictures with me laying down and butterflies were in my hair.Yes, I was a little obsessed!Well, this weekend I decided to bring back the butterflies. My friends moved into this awesome apartment with huge white walls and said I could do an installation on their wall. This will be an ongoing project and I plan on filling the wall with paper art (inspired by the local artist, Katie Sokoler)**Here's the magic of the butterflies...These butterflies started on the floor...Since there was a nice open space, I decided to join them...Arranging....They made their way to my hair...And my nose...And told me to make a wish...They even surrounded my friend Dani! (she was the only brave one to be part of my photo shoot!)The butterflies slowly made their way up the wall...They finally did.Now my friends will be greeted with these every day!Ta da!Enjoy friends! May love flutter by you every day! :)